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Are you interested in sponsoring an event at one of our events? Please send us an enquiry below and will arrange a meeting to discuss who you are looking to connect with.

What will I get in return?

If you are willing to sponsor one of our events as the Lead Sponsor, you will be able to display 2x roller banners and 1x large banner and you will be guaranteed industry exclusivity for that event (i.e. no two legal recruitment agencies can sponsor the same event).

Advanced Sponsor

2x Banners, 1x Attendee, 5 x Staff
  • 2x Roller Banners
  • 1x Large Pop Up Stand
  • 5x Staff members attending

Intermediate Sponsor

2x Banners + 3x Staff
  • 2x Roller Banners
  • 3x Staff members attending

Basic Sponsorship

1x Banner + 1x Attendee
  • 1x Roller Banner
  • 1x Staff member attending

*Prices Exclude VAT

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