Business Matchmaker

We will use our wide reaching network to help you to find your ideal clients. As a lot of businesses have already benefited from Happy Hour Networking, we believe this kind of event will attract people who are keen to meet specific business types while offering a meal out

What will I get in return?

We will invite and introduce you to your perfect customer/staff member from our own network who we know is either in the market for your product or service or has an interest in working with your kind of company.

We ask for a small introducers percentage fee of any profits from business that you make a result of our introduction or referral fee for any staff you take on, so it’s win win for everyone, especially the less confident networkers out there (like that coder you’ve been trying to find for years!). Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

Let us find your elusive perfect client/staff member today and send us an email to find out more:

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Happy Hour networking encourage responsible drinking